16 Things Every Struggling 20-Something Should Know To Live A More Fulfilled Life


Thought Catalog


My title makes me feel like a know-it-all pompous ass. Who am I to give advice you ask? I may not be as wise as Master Oogway or Old Rafiki, but let’s just say that I have survived the 20’s life, and I’ve learned more than you have so far.

So, listen up.

On life:

Fail fast, and fail often. Most lessons should be learned the hard way. Failure makes you hungry and desperate, so you strive for more. Failure makes you wiser, so you make better decisions in the future. Failure brings you to rock bottom and when you’re down, there really is no other way but up.

Be deliberate in choosing who you spend most of your time with. Don’t discriminate. Everyone has goodness in them. But, choose who you hang out with more often. Like it or not, your friends’ qualities rub off on you. Jim…

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