Happy pill.

So happy today. I love this day. I couldn’t express it anymore.


I HAD FUN. Ian made it fun. My happy pill. My sitcom. Hahaha.

A lot of revelations and confessions happened and still it was great talking to him.

18:20 – 00:03 onwards


We Almost Dated: The One Who Won’t Go Away

Thought Catalog

You watch your phone after every text you send, patiently waiting for those three small dots, giving you a glimmer of hope he might respond. They appear for a second then stop. “Maybe he’s just busy,” you think, scrolling up to reread his sweet texts from last week for your own mental clarification that he’s interested.

Introducing: The One Who Won’t Go Away. He makes you feel special enough, but you still don’t feel like you have his full attention. He’s stayed in your life long enough to give you that pinch of hope that your hookup routine will turn into an actual relationship. Your friends ask you why you’ve kept this guy in your life for so long. Between daydreams of meeting his family and the moment he says his first “I love you,” a small demon in the back of your head named “Logic” reminds you it…

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