Dream of second chances.

Katja Millay’s novel The Sea of Tranquility teaches us a lot of things about life and its importance. But most especially, I think it teaches us the value of having second chances. We must not forget its beauty of getting one, because not all of us has its luxury. Yes, we have that second chance, but that doesn’t mean you are not going to work hard for it. The thing is, you have to work harder for it. It just gets harder than the first one. But more valuable and worth the risk. Because it means we were given a second opprtunity to make it right and worth remembering.

So, in the book, it was pretty shown that Nastya and Josh had their second shot at life– by finding love. But it wasn’t clearly explained that sometimes by getting that second chance, we have to face challenges, or even our fears, to be able to earn it well. We have to go through the hard part first before the easy part. I myself hadn’t thought about that before. Now I had.

I don’t know if I make any sense at all. Just putting all my thoughts out. Thinking this little thread of thought might help…



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