I Want…

These thoughts always come out when clock strikes past 12… and my mind wanders about my dreams and goals in life…

Or maybe I was just as amused as to what I saw earlier in the link. Here it is: http://www.businessinsider.com/100-trips-to-take-2014-2?op=1


I can’t believe I haven’t told people how much I really love traveling. Not just the typical person that says, “I love to travel and see all these beautiful places and post them on my Instagram!” Err, no. But, that might be one of the million reasons why I also wanted to travel and see the world. Heh. I wanted to see every parts of the world and discover and meet new people (I even want to stay connected to them after I left the place) and drink and have fun and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or whatever festivals they are annually celebrating. I want to be part of them. I just wanna admire the view in Santorini, drive down a car in Cuba, play casino in Vegas or Macau, take a hiking trip or whatever in Grand Canyons in Arizona, swim in the exotic beaches, drink wine and eat pizzas in Italy, get lost in India or Istanbul and just observe and see people, take a boat stroll in Venice, see the most wonderful museums and statues, eat a lot of exquisite and exotic food and cuisines, experience seeing the aurora borealis in Iceland (oh dear Lord, please this one)visit indigenous and rural villages in Asian countries, spend New Years’s Eve In New York, see wild animals, learn a lot about the world, get bruised or whatever, I just wanna live seeing the world. So freakin’ bad. I wanna mark this post so that I’ll always see this and be reminded of what I really want to do in my life. Haaay. You really got to work hard to reach for your dream….


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