Playlist currently playing.

I can’t hide this. Forgive me (myself) for my excitedness of making playlists. Finally.

My own playlist. Publicly. To be shared. By everyone.

This is huge. You know how I usually keep my music all to myself because I want those awesomeness to be known by me only (well, if people figured it out, good for them). But now, ever since Spotify (thanks to you!) finally came out here, I couldn’t move without my earphones and listening to different playlists. I know this is a little too shallow, but this thing is evidently huge for me. And I don’t take these kinds of things lightly. I’m just so friggin excited!!!! I will stay up all night if that what it takes to finish my perfect playlist. Hell, I wouldn’t sleep if I wasn’t contented with it.

I love it I love it I love it I love it.

Thank you, Spotify.



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