Late nights and lame talks.

DJ Mo Twister once tweeted about something that you won’t have any friends now that you were once friends with in high school.

I reject that with no doubt.

I refuse to believe that. Even if it was somehow inevitable, I don’t want it to happen with me. I think he was trying to make a point that we will all grew apart with our friends in high school and none will remain as close friends up until now. Maybe for him, yes. But me? Nope. Never me.

I love my high school friends so much and last night just proved it that there are friends from grade school and high school that are worth keeping even until now.

It was unexpected and fun and memorable. It was Moi’s birthday last Monday, and he treated us yesterday with bowling, billiards, and dinner. At first, I thought it was just me, him, and Maggie. He also included Iñigo and Marrol. God, I’ve missed those guys! Moi picked me up first at my house then we picked up Marrol next (I thought we was just joking with his idea of bringing Marrol because we were teasing him with Maggie HAHAHA) then next Maggie, and lastly, Iñigo. We went straight to SM, because we didn’t know what to do yet, so we ended up doing bowling instead of Lazer Tag and watching a movie.lll



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