I Want…

These thoughts always come out when clock strikes past 12… and my mind wanders about my dreams and goals in life…

Or maybe I was just as amused as to what I saw earlier in the link. Here it is: http://www.businessinsider.com/100-trips-to-take-2014-2?op=1


I can’t believe I haven’t told people how much I really love traveling. Not just the typical person that says, “I love to travel and see all these beautiful places and post them on my Instagram!” Err, no. But, that might be one of the million reasons why I also wanted to travel and see the world. Heh. I wanted to see every parts of the world and discover and meet new people (I even want to stay connected to them after I left the place) and drink and have fun and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or whatever festivals they are annually celebrating. I want to be part of them. I just wanna admire the view in Santorini, drive down a car in Cuba, play casino in Vegas or Macau, take a hiking trip or whatever in Grand Canyons in Arizona, swim in the exotic beaches, drink wine and eat pizzas in Italy, get lost in India or Istanbul and just observe and see people, take a boat stroll in Venice, see the most wonderful museums and statues, eat a lot of exquisite and exotic food and cuisines, experience seeing the aurora borealis in Iceland (oh dear Lord, please this one)visit indigenous and rural villages in Asian countries, spend New Years’s Eve In New York, see wild animals, learn a lot about the world, get bruised or whatever, I just wanna live seeing the world. So freakin’ bad. I wanna mark this post so that I’ll always see this and be reminded of what I really want to do in my life. Haaay. You really got to work hard to reach for your dream….


Meet Samüel Johnson

awesome artist for album covers!

Art for Music

I’m not sure if this has always existed or if I’m just becoming more aware of it, but there seems to be an inclination towards using flowers in album art (or floral inspired) and I’m all for it. This feeling is due in part to the work of Samüel Johnson (@Smljhnsonstudio), who I’m a big fan of. Originally from London but now living in Melbourne he has designed the album artwork and/or visuals for a lot of musicians that I listen to such as Dpat, Wayward, Ta-ku, Atu, MS MR, Stwo, XXYYXX, JMSN and so on. His cover for Ta-Ku’s upcoming EP Songs to Break Up to (out October 8th in digital/vinyl via HW&W and Sunday Records) reminds me a bit of Nick Knight’s photography of flowers and, at a stretch, Peter Saville’s album cover design for New Order’s Power Corruption and Lies. I like the balance…

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Playlist currently playing.

I can’t hide this. Forgive me (myself) for my excitedness of making playlists. Finally.

My own playlist. Publicly. To be shared. By everyone.

This is huge. You know how I usually keep my music all to myself because I want those awesomeness to be known by me only (well, if people figured it out, good for them). But now, ever since Spotify (thanks to you!) finally came out here, I couldn’t move without my earphones and listening to different playlists. I know this is a little too shallow, but this thing is evidently huge for me. And I don’t take these kinds of things lightly. I’m just so friggin excited!!!! I will stay up all night if that what it takes to finish my perfect playlist. Hell, I wouldn’t sleep if I wasn’t contented with it.

I love it I love it I love it I love it.

Thank you, Spotify.


Dog days.

As I write right now, our eldest dog, Sam is at the hospital right now, undergoing an operation. She ate a barbeque stick; and according to her x-ray, the doctor sais that she had to undergo operation as soon as possible because the stick that she apparently swallowed might stick directly to her heart.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. I have just decided not to sleep until the doctor texts my mom that the operation is done successfully.

She’s my first baby girl. I love her so much. Even though I wasn’t that showy and expressive as much as we all are now to Chewy. I hope she’s okay after the surgery.
She will be okay. She’ll come home a few hours and I swear I’ll take care of her. No excuses and shit anymore.

I miss her. I miss her bark whenever we come home.


Late nights and lame talks.

DJ Mo Twister once tweeted about something that you won’t have any friends now that you were once friends with in high school.

I reject that with no doubt.

I refuse to believe that. Even if it was somehow inevitable, I don’t want it to happen with me. I think he was trying to make a point that we will all grew apart with our friends in high school and none will remain as close friends up until now. Maybe for him, yes. But me? Nope. Never me.

I love my high school friends so much and last night just proved it that there are friends from grade school and high school that are worth keeping even until now.

It was unexpected and fun and memorable. It was Moi’s birthday last Monday, and he treated us yesterday with bowling, billiards, and dinner. At first, I thought it was just me, him, and Maggie. He also included Iñigo and Marrol. God, I’ve missed those guys! Moi picked me up first at my house then we picked up Marrol next (I thought we was just joking with his idea of bringing Marrol because we were teasing him with Maggie HAHAHA) then next Maggie, and lastly, Iñigo. We went straight to SM, because we didn’t know what to do yet, so we ended up doing bowling instead of Lazer Tag and watching a movie.lll